CSCI 5115: User Interface Design

Theory, design, programming, and evaluation of interactive application interfaces. Human capabilities and limitations, interface design and engineering, prototyping and interface construction, interface evaluation, and topics such as data visualization and World Wide Web.

Fall 2019

CSCI 3081W: Program Design & Development

Principles of programming design/analysis. Concepts in software development. Uses C/C++ language to illustrate key ideas in program design/development, data structures, debugging, files, I/O, state machines, testing, coding standards.

Spring 2018

CSCI 4511W: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Problem solving, search, inference techniques. Knowledge representation. Planning. Machine learning. Robotics. Lisp programming language.

Spring 2018

CSCI 5607: Fundamentals of Computer Graphics I

This course was an introduction to fundamental concepts in computer graphics programming. We created basic graphics programs from the ground up, including a ray tracing-based renderer written in C/C++ as well as interactive applications written using modern OpenGL. 

CSCI 5611: Animation and Planning in Games

Theory behind algorithms used to bring virtual worlds to life. Computer animation topics. Real-time, interactive techniques used in modern games. Physically-based animation, motion planning, character animation, simulation in virtual worlds.

Spring 2020